Tuesday Trivia: Junk Food Edition

ZOMG!  Tuesday Trivia has returned from hiatus!  I’m not sure what it was doing on hiatus; it just left me a note one morning saying it needed some “personal space” and returned just as suddenly last night, staggering up to the sliding glass door on the patio and falling into the garden hose, stinking of cheap gin and Drakkar Noir.  I think it’s been holed up at Marfreless.

So today’s Tuesday Trivia is gorging itself on junk food, I think in a dual effort to enrage me in the early, stabby stages of my diet, as well as to quell its raging hangover.  Hope you’re in the mood for a sugar rush, folks…

  1. What was the flavor of the original filling in Twinkies and what prompted the change to its current flavor, vanilla?
  2. In addition to lending her (misspelled) name to the eponymous snack cake company, the wife of the fourth U.S. President, Dolley Madison, is also credited with popularizing what treat in America?
  3. What snack enjoyed by children worldwide is made from the root of a plant that’s not only bitter but also poisonous, containing concentrated cyanide?
  4. The flavor that we call “bubblegum” is actually a combination of four different flavors.  Name three of them.
  5. The North Carolina-based rockabilly band Southern Culture on the Skids has been known to throw what treats to their audiences at shows?
  6. BONUS:  What famously secretive and reclusive, privately-owned candy company is responsible for producing the world’s most popular candy bar?  And what is that candy bar?

And there you have it, folks!  I’m going to drag Tuesday Trivia into a cold shower and sober it up while y’all make with the answers.  We’ll see you back here on Thursday!