The Weekend In Food


8:00am: Up early, getting ready for breakfast with Mom and then farmers’ market. Need coffee after late night playing pool (read: lamely chasing balls around table with cue stick while getting laughed at) with Kymberlie and Jeff at The Big Easy.

9:00am: Coffee acquired, heading to El Rey Taqueria with Mom for breakfast.

9:30am: Ranchero Egg Plate, get in mah belleh.

9:45am: Am I a jerk for drinking coffee from some other establishment while eating breakfast at El Rey?

10:15am: Hmm. Canino’s still appears to be closed. And we don’t feel like fighting the throngs in the stalls behind the store. Let’s go do something completely different!

10:45am: At The Guild Shop, buying “junque” we don’t need. Proceeds, uh…go to charity. Yeah, we’re being…uh…charitable!

11:45am: At the gigantic Marshall’s on West Gray, buying more stuff we don’t need. God, I love Saturdays. Come here, pretty scarf! I can think up a reason to need you!

12:15pm: Mom has dropped me off back at home, where I discover that I’m locked out of the house. Where is Richard? Where are my keys? FAIL.

12:45pm: Richard eventually comes home, where he finds me sprawled out on a reclining deck chair in the sun like an angry lizard. Grab my keys and jet; supposed to meet up for lunch on the other side of town at exactly…right now.

1:15pm: At Lupe Tortilla’s with Kymberlie, having a much-needed strawberry margarita and queso.

2:30pm: We’ve migrated over to Rice Village and are trying on every shade of everything inside Sephora. We see Dr. Miggy as she exits the store. Hi, Dr. Miggy!

3:30pm: Meet up with Jeff at Via Colori. Want to take pictures, but feel like an idiot with my semi-broken point-and-shoot next to Jeff’s $2,000 fancy-schmancy camera. Will settle for oohing and ahhing instead.


6:00pm: Hungry again. Head over to Katz’s for a quick bite.

6:30pm: Order a Fat Tire and a cup of borscht. Yeah, I know…

6:35pm: My $4.00 Fat Tire comes in a sippy-cup sized glass. Strike one.

6:45pm: My cup of borscht equals about three tablespoons of borscht when you remove the baseball-sized scoop of sour cream that came in the bowl. Strike two.

6:47pm: And the borscht tastes like metallic water with red food coloring in it. Strike three. Katz’s, you’re out for a while.

8:00pm: Heading home. Tired feet. Still hungry.

8:30pm: At home, making a quick supplemental dinner of pasta with fresh marinara sauce. Much better than Katz’s “borscht.”

9:30pm: Fall asleep on couch watching Ronin.


8:00am: Up early again for no reason. Doing my Sunday morning ritual of watching CBS Sunday Morning and Meet The Press with a cup of coffee.

10:00am: Cleaning house. Boring but necessary.

1:00pm: Heading out to Jenny‘s house to help prep for the second Flavor Tripping party this afternoon.

1:30pm: Chopping and bagging fruits and veggies. We have habanero peppers, folks! And rhubarb and tomatillos and Greek yogurt… But, HABANEROS!!!

1:45pm: Joanne and Shannon bravely try some habaneros while on the tablet and report that they taste surprisingly sweet, but not hot. Yeah, but they’ll still tear up your insides later, ladies.

3:30pm: Transporting food and serving plates and utensils and guest list and…everything…over to The Social.

4:15pm: Almost finished setting up. Line of people waiting to get into the party is snaking around the block already. The villagers are getting restless…

4:30pm: Katie, un-bar the door. We open the floodgates and the party-goers come rushing in.

5:15pm: After a frenzy of taking names, handing out berries and wristbands, and explaining the flavor tripping process, we’ve checked about 200 people into the party.

5:45pm: Imelda and Brittanie are here. Hi, girls!

6:00pm: The food and beer are holding up surprisingly well, considering how many people (about 250 now) are here. The Greek yogurt appears to be a favorite, along with the traditional favorites: lemons and limes.

6:30pm: Duck out early to head home; feet are aching from stupid boots, once again. Really need to invest in shoes without heels that will somehow still make me taller than 5’0″. Will take suggestions below.

How was your weekend, campers?

11 thoughts on “The Weekend In Food”

  1. Yes, you’re a jerk (your words) for drinking coffee from elsewhere WHILE eating at El Rey and here’s why… El Rey makes the absolute, best, Cafe con Leche! Everyone should try their Cafe con Leche at least once, because when you do, you’ll know that you should only be having their coffee while eating there! It’s that good!

  2. @ groovehouse: Wow. Harsh words from such a peaceful man. You’re really gonna hate me when I tell you this: I don’t like their coffee. I don’t even like their cafe con leche. I know, I know. We’re not friends anymore, right? No more bacon chocolate bars for K. 😦

    @ Kymberlie: But you still love me, so it’s okay. 😀

  3. @ Kymberlie: We need to make a pilgrimage to the Vosges section at Whole Foods soon…

    @ Misha: It has certain redeeming qualities. They just weren’t present at all on Saturday.

    @ Jeff: Very true. I failed to mention that. We could’ve been eating out of a Dumpster and I’d still have had fun. 😀

  4. Oh dear. I’m afraid I was COMPLETELY scatter brained when I ran into you and Kymberlie and I think random words were just tumbling out of my mouth. You two looked like you were having fun, though 🙂

  5. “Katz Never Closes” The slogan alone should tip you as to the Denny-esque food quality. Rememeber the old saw – “always follow the money”. Ergo, a restaurant that stays open continuously must be doing so in order to be profitable, i.e. quantity supplants quality. I could throw in a few more ascot wearing, perrier swilling,daddy sent me to hah-vard butt-boy financial cliches such as “critical mass” and “economy of scale” but that would just be piling on.

  6. Hi K~
    Good to see you again…and yes, will see you in one week at AA (not Alcoholics Anonymous) for trivia!!!
    No, we do it all the time – taking coffee into other more relaxed establishments.
    You guys did a GREAT job at the party!!!
    And I’m with Misha – ew, to Katz. Like Kenny & Ziggy’s better anyhow…:)

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