What does it say about me that this is my favorite picture from Thanksgiving?


So deliciously retro.

While we’re on the topic, what ever happened to double wall ovens?  Best appliance in the world, and you hardly ever see them in kitchens anymore.  I’d much rather have a wall oven than a stove, which necessitates bending over and hefting stuff up and down.  And I’d obviously rather have two ovens than just one.

Someone?  Anyone?

9 thoughts on “Lights”

  1. FAB photo!

    Double wall ovens are the shit! My parents have always had them in their various homes along with a 6 burner stove seperate (usually on an island). I don’t know how they ever would’ve gotten through a holiday without them.

  2. In my kitchen-reno experience, it is very much more expensive to put in a stove top and double ovens than just stick a stove and be done with it. I, personally, didn’t have the extra $3000-5000 to do the double oven thing.

    From a builder’s perspective, I can’t answer that. I suppose it’s also a matter of $ but could also be a space issue. Seems like most new homes have a stove top, one oven and a microwave above.

  3. Most of the folks I know have double wall ovens! Love mine, we replaced our 1963 set with new KitchenAids a couple of years ago. When we bought our relic house 6 years ago, we rerouted the gas lines into the kitchen and replaced the electric stove top with gas. We both cook, and can’t imagine trying to on electricity. I see you have one of those smooth surface, quick heating stove tops. My mother loves hers. How do you like it? I was surprised when I saw it on your older posts. I would have taken you for a gas lady.

  4. @ Mary: We would have loved to get a gas range, but the townhome community we live in won’t allow us to run gas lines into the house. 😦 So I’m stuck with electric…for now, at least.

  5. I live in a mid-century home whose kitchen was (moderately) updated in the 70s with the double ovens. The lower one is just for broiling and currently does double duty for storage. Ovens and cooktop are gas (LOVING the flame here!) They still work VERY well (even the clock and the light are fully functional). LOVED your picture of the retro knobs, however!

  6. I have double wall ovens now – I LUVs them. Mine are relatively new GEs, but I think they are special orders (were in the house when I bought it)

  7. That oven reminds me so much of Mad Men with its retro feel. (I absolutely love that show; I want to be the refining world’s version of Peggy Olsen.) I would go for a double-wall oven in a house – I think it’s better for entertaining.

  8. I have a double wall oven, though it is small. We bought a house built in the 1970s this past spring, and bought a new glass cooktop and new double wall ovens to replace the old ones, which only half worked. Eventually we’ll get gas, but we would have to pay to have the city run lines to the house, since the house is ALL ELECTRIC. Don’t have that kind of moolah…

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