Hope you all had a good — if dreary and somewhat wet — weekend!  Things were busy, busy, busy around the she eats household as usual, with lots of Christmas shopping and, of course, eating to be done.

I made it to the brand-new H-E-B (yes, the 127,900-square-foot monstrosity on Bunker Hill) twice this weekend and grabbed a bunch of pretty sweet items, including some delicious red pepper hummus, fresh naan bread, really cheap sockeye salmon, a divine-looking organic tea sampler, a six-pack sampler of Real Ale, a beautiful bouquet that was only $10 (!!!), some organic veggies, a chunk of Plugra butter that was going for only $2 (!!!!!) and a loaf of English toasting bread for Richard.

To whit, I did a quick post on the new store for Eating Our Words, which you can read here:

Among the other posts from last week that you might have missed:

  • Perry vs. Perry:  The ridiculous saga of a Dallas restaurant that’s changing their name to avoid being confused with the Houston steakhouse chain.
  • Update: Snot What You Thought:  A follow-up to the Steaz green tea mystery from last week.
  • 86’d at *17:  Another executive chef’s departure from a once-promising restaurant leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

And in other blog news, Mike McGuff has a guest blogger this week who put together a list of local restaurants that are great for giving out-of-town guests a flavor of Houston (or just for treating yourself).  The guest blogger is the current editor of Zagat and has written several editions of Houston Dining on the Cheap, so he knows his stuff.  Go check it out!