Full Week, Full Belly

The busy season at work is drawing to a close, and it can’t come quickly enough.  Every day this week has been filled to bursting with meetings, angry employees, conference calls and perilously-close-to-crashing hard drives.  Enough, I say!  Basta!  Weekend, here I come.  I hope you’re ready.

The upside to this week is that I’ve had a lot of good meals, just by sheer happenstance.  Monday afternoon saw a lunch meeting with some brokers at McCormick & Schmick, where I had a good — if undersalted — lobster bisque and crabcakes.  Monday night brought me to Corkscrew, where I shared several exquisite bottles of Malbec and Côte du Rhône alongside a small but potent cheese plate with my dearly beloved Houstonist coworkers.

Tuesday afternoon was chilly, but I shook off that chill with a shepherd’s pie and a half-pint of Boddington’s inside the warm confines of The Black Labrador.  Tuesday night found me out to eat once again, this time at Saute with a few fellow food bloggers and food lovers, sampling some items off Saute‘s menu and a few that are under construction.

Wednesday’s lunch was scavenged from the one gift basket we received this year at the office and had at the desk amidst piles of emails and invoices, but dinner on Wednesday was a favorite around the she eats household: breakfast for dinner, all from scratch.  I made buttermilk biscuits (which I liberally coated with butter and honey as soon as they came out of the oven), fried eggs and the best damn hashbrowns with sauteed onions this side of Waffle House.  Despite this, Richard couldn’t resist dousing his entire meal with HP Brown Sauce.  You can take the man out of England, but…

Thursday was almost a blow out: an all-day seminar with dubious midday chicken luncheon was narrowly avoided by ducking out of the seminar early, and heading over to Pho Huy with Cindy for a hot bowl of pho tai bo vien.  Thursday night found me surrounded by even more Vietnamese food: delicious banh mi at Monica‘s annual Christmas party, which were preceeded by a killer Sazerac made by the skillful hands of Bobby Heugel at Poison Girl.  And as if all of that wasn’t enough, I had a positively enormous slice of the best pie I’ve had in years: Intern Jen‘s famous homemade chocolate bourbon pecan pie.  Her pies are normally in quite a bit of demand and go for, well, more than I could normally afford to pay for a pie.  But now I’ve seen the light; $20 is nothing for a pie that damn good.

Today found me once again at Pho Huy for lunch, this time for a bowl of bun thit nuong cha gio with Jeff (who had his first Vietnamese food today, so congratulate him!).  I guess when I find a new favorite place, I get slightly obsessed with it.  (I love you, Pho Huy!  Call me!)  Dinner was not yet more Vietnamese, however.  Instead, it was a delicious — if protein-filled — meal of black beans with veggie tamales, which were filled with green chiles and more black beans (and which were graciously given to me by a Christmas-spirit-filled friend…it’s not Christmas without tamales, after all).

The weekend will begin quite early tomorrow morning (er…this morning, I suppose) with a drive to Fort Worth for early Christmas with my father’s side of the family, so no updates for a while.  Be brave this weekend, sweet potatoes, as you navigate the treacherous malls and parking lots and freeways during this last, frenzied weekend before Christmas.  I’ll be back here again on Monday, perhaps with a few stocking stuffers for you all. 

Until then!