Goin’ Down the Country


Back from a brief jaunt to deep East Texas this weekend for a family funeral.  Among the sights we saw along Highway 59 and into the Piney Woods were:

  • The oldest Dairy Queen in Texas, established in 1951.  I got a Dr Pepper and a Hungr-Bustr, but was so hungry that I forgot to get a picture of either the Dairy Queen or the burger.  WHICH WAS DELICIOUS.  Anyway, that Dairy Queen is in Henderson if any of you crazy kids want to go check it out one day.
  • A family of three riding on an ATV — dad driving, mom holding on to him, and a little girl clinging to her — on their way through JD’s Drive-Thru Liquor Barn somewhere outside of Lufkin.
  • Catfish King, which was my favorite restaurant as a child.  If they had Catfish Kings in Houston, I don’t remember them.  They seem to be primarily in the small towns of East and North Texas, which is a shame since they have the best fried catfish and best hushpuppies you’ll probably never eat.

Early Evening
Ann and Bobby’s place.

After the funeral, we retreated to my cousins Ann and Bobby’s ranch outside of Tatum and tore into some brisket, baked beans, green beans and banana pudding, all lovingly prepared by my cousins Rob and Lacy, who own a catering company.  Hey, if the reason for the visit isn’t good, at least the food should be, right?

Main Street, Henderson
Henderson, Texas.

Glad to be back in Houston, but I can’t wait to get back up to East Texas again — for a different occasion, and perhaps with a bit more time — and concentrate on the food and the scenery.

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