(yes, Mom, I intentionally misspelled “winner”)

As we begin a new year with new meals to eat and new recipes to conquer, I’d like to take a moment to thank two of my awesome readers (and friends!) who gave me end-of-year awards for this silly little food blog.

Where’s My Damn Answer?

Jody, a.k.a. jodycakes, is a longtime reader and fellow Chowhound. She and the hilarious women who run the communal blog Where’s My Damn Answer have given she eats. the illustrious “Damn Good Blog Award.”


I was humbled to be included alongside such other winners as The Bloggess and Attack of the Redneck Mommy. You should also note that my occasional partner in crime, the awesome Jenny of I’m Never Full won an award, too. Thanks, ladies!

I’ve Got the Munchies

Cory, a.k.a. Lose An Eye, is an even longer-time (I just made that word up) reader, who knew me long before I had a food blog and was instead rambling incoherently and starting flame wars on Houston political blogs and bulletin boards. And yet he still follows me to this day…

Over on his food blog, I’ve Got the Munchies (not to be confused with his politics blog: Lose an Eye, It’s a Sport) Cory flattered me immensely (I think he wants some chess pie…) when he named me Houston Food Blogger of the Year:

Houston Food Blogger of the Year: Katharine Shilcutt of She Eats, Houstonist and Eating our Words: Houston Press.

You could make a case that Katharine has written more about food in Houston over the past year than many of the professionals who do so for a living. She’s also a more gifted writer than I, her reviews are detailed and fun to read.

Aw. Okay, Cory. I’ll bake you a pie.

I was very shocked that Cory would choose me out of all the other amazing food bloggers that we have in Houston, but delighted nevertheless. Make sure you check the rest of the Munchie Award winners out, too. It’s a good encapsulation of the Houston food scene, blogger-style.

These awards might seem silly in the sense that it could be perceived as one big circle-jerk (highlight to read, but not if you’re my mother, grandmother, father or any other delicate person), but it means a lot to me that my readers have stuck with me through she eats.‘s inaugural year as I find my feet and my voice, and moreso that they’ve followed me across multiple platforms (Houstonist and now the Houston Press). If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: y’all rock, and I’m blessed to have ya.

Here’s to a great 2009 and many fine meals to come!

8 thoughts on “WINNAR!”

  1. Congrats on the award, K! Very well-deserved.

    I always forget about your blog, Bloggess. Then I read your site and laugh for hours. I must add you to my usual blogroll. Then I can become a minion.

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