An Explosion of Words

Unfortunately, I’m not having an explosion of words this week, as things have been head-poundingly busy at work.  Instead, I have a much more literal explosion of words for you:



This Wordle takes the most commonly-used words here on she eats. and creates a nifty little graphic out of them. Fun, huh? Make your own here: Wordle. You can even change the colors, the layout and the font.

Wordle-fun courtesy of Jeff Balke, who coincidentally has a great blog post today on sea kittens. Trust me; you should read it.

2 thoughts on “An Explosion of Words”

  1. That is so cool! When I did it for my blog, the most common word was CHEESE — hahaha. I do love the queso. Hope you are well — I haven’t seen you in ages 😦

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