Free-For-All Friday

We all know how good I am at keeping up with weekly routines like Tuesday Trivia, Food Poetry Wednesday and the long-lost Weekend in Food.  So let’s try adding something else into the mix that I’ll probably have a hard time keeping up (unless y’all really dig it): Free-For-All Friday!

Similar to “open comment” day on several other blogs with which you may be familiar, Free-For-All Friday will give you a topic and let you run with it in the comments section below.  I’ll try to make the topic something inane or moronic that I’ve run across on the Innerwebs, which — really? — shouldn’t be all that difficult.

So without any further ado, your first ever Free-For-All Friday topic:

Does anyone know if the food court in the tunnel between the McKinney and Milam areas is ever going to be opened or has it just been put off? How long has it been sitting there? Every time I pass by there I think it would be a gold mine with the right stores. If it was me I would put in a Taco Bell, Sonic, and a nice Chinese buffet.

— courtesy of this thread over at HAIF

Have fun, folks!

One thought on “Free-For-All Friday”

  1. my guess is that the rent is too high to justify the risk of a low cost fast food joint spending the money to set up shop. There may also be some non-compete clauses in the lease agreements of the existing tenants which prohibit certain types of competitors within a specified distance ( a clear violation of restraint of trade laws, but whatayagonnado). Then again, it could be that the landlords just dont want the pervasive smell of refried beans, grease and flatulence in the confines of the tunnel.

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