The Nannerpuss

When I was a child, I was obssessed with It, the cheesetastic 1980s miniseries based on the Stephen King novel.  We had videotaped it (remember videotaping, kids?) when it originally ran on CBS — we even hit pause during the commercials! — and the VHS cassette soon became one of my fondest friends.

I would eagerly pop It into the VCR when I got home from school in the afternoons and early on Saturday mornings when most other children were watching G.I. Joe and The Smurfs.  I knew every line of dialogue and nursed an enormous crush on a young Jonathan Brandis before his Seaquest DSV days.  There was only one problem: the movie terrified me.  For every day I watched it, I would have horrific nightmares when I went to bed that evening.

My mother eventually solved the problem by breaking the VHS cassette and throwing it into the trash (thanks, Mom!).  But I fear that I’m now developing the same type of relationship with the new Denny’s commercial starring The Nannerpuss.

I can’t quit watching it, yet it’s obviously terrifying.

They should have just called that banana thing Pennywise and been done with it.

14 thoughts on “The Nannerpuss”

  1. Be afraid…be very afraid. Despite all of the focus groups and R & D that goes into these things, it all goes back to William Goldman’s famous quote about the film industry, Nobody knows anything”

  2. There’s more to this story, kiddies, than K’s poor long-term memory can cobble up.

    The infamous *It* VHS was taken and thrown in the trash prior to the final destruction of said tape. Unfortunately, I underestimated her sneakiness and attachment to the stoopid thing and found out after several more nights of being awakened by her screaming and clawing the air like someone trapped in a coffin that she had actually found it in the trash, taken it out ,and hid it in her room somewhere to be watched after we had gone to bed. THAT’S when I tore the tape out and made it completely non-functional.

    Now, she’s stuck on Nannerpuss, for God’s sake. Don’t make me come over there and take your TV away from you!!

  3. I am Nannerpuss!! You will bow before me and worship me on my throne of pancakes!! Else I will destroy your civilization, including all the Denny’s, the finest of your Earth’s eating establishments!!!


  4. I love the nannerpuss. I have started singing the song to my pet. I am a nannerpuss junky…but the first few times I saw the commercial it seemed a bit different than it does now…can’t put my finger on it!

  5. Here are two more reasons why you are totally awesome…IT and Nannerpuss!

    Oh, K, I know I’ve been away, but you always find some way to pull me away from all the filth on the internet and make me worship at the alter of She Eats again and again!

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