Thursday Answers: The Envelope, Please

Welcome back, barn swallows!

We had a good turnout for this week’s trivia session, considering it was the first real trivia here on she eats. in at least three months.  Eight of you ventured your guesses, but there was only one winner.  Find out who, after the answers!


  1. The first commercially-available microwave oven sold for $4,000.  No typos there: a whopping $4,000 (in 1947 dollars, no less!)  Frozen dinners sold for $100 apiece (I might have made that last part up).
  2. The most widely-consumed fish in the world is herring (a.k.a. sardines), which has been a staple food since 3,000 B.C. and is sometimes referred to as the “two-eyed steak.”
  3. Tea bags — like stockings — were once made of silk and were once reusable.  In other news, we were once a much less wasteful people.
  4. Authentic mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of water buffaloes, hence its Italian name Mozzarella di Bufata.  Mozzarella made from cow’s milk is called mozzarella fior di latte.
  5. One ostrich egg can make an omelette that will feed ten hungry people (or five very hungry people).
  6. BONUS:  Your body requires eight ounces of water to process a single ounce of alcohol.  That hair-of-the-dog hangover cure you’re trying?  Not exactly the best idea.

As promised, the reason the questions may look familiar to some is because they came from the incredibly awesome @Foodimentary.  Follow them on Twitter for fantastically bizarre and funny daily food trivia.  No, this isn’t an advertisement.  That would require either @Foodimentary or myself to profit and — sadly, or perhaps wonderfully — no one has yet figured out how to truly profit from Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, today’s winner just so happens to be the very first person who ever followed me on Twitter (and the person who turned me onto what is now my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Huy), longtime fan and loyal foodie @BigLance!

Congratulations, Lance!  Your win entitles you to a lunch on me at Grandma NoodleBet ya didn’t know there were prizes, huh?  So play along next week!  See y’all then!

Following Erika Ray

I’ve somehow ended up following someone on Flickr whom I don’t know.  Everyone else on my friends list is just that — an actual friend.  So I’m not quite sure how Erika Ray got into the mix.  But I’m glad she did.

Since I don’t know who she is and I really know absolutely nothing about her, I have no idea why she’s in Japan at the moment.  But she seems to be  having a wonderful time.  And I’m having just as good a time living vicariously through the photos she posts nearly every day.  She has an eye for exactly the kinds of things I’d be taking pictures of if I were in a foreign and amusing country.

Below are a few of my favorites along with her descriptions.


“Sexy water.  For those of you who like to feel on your water bottle.”


“Giant cracker!  This was fried before my eyes, painted with soy sauce, and then wrapped in seaweed.  Delicious!  Katy and I ate these on a park bench with a can of beer.  Yum.”


“Donut-scented shower gel: brilliant.”


“Someone pissed off the chicken.  Sendai, Japan.”


“Ummmm…shouldn’t this be illegal?”


“Truck stop tempura.  Tempura was perfect. Noodle soup hit the spot while the snow came down outside. “

Check out more of her photos here, including trips to Bruges, Barcelona, Rome, Porto and all kinds of fabulous places that I’ve never been.  But it’s like I have now!