Battle Michelada

The ballot and the remains
The ballot and the remains

Even though our own Plinio Sandalio once competed on Iron Chef (Battle Mango, alongside Chef Robert Gadsby), those guys have nothing on our boys and the Battle Michelada.

An impromptu michelada throwdown was organized on Twitter within the span of a few days after a fellow food blogger mentioned that she couldn’t find a good michelada in Houston. Before long, the discussion had evolved into a full-blown showdown between three of Houston’s best culinary talents.

Read all about it here to find out who won and to watch the video of the contest (which yours truly narrated, National Geographic-style).

5 thoughts on “Battle Michelada”

  1. ruthie said she hadn’t tasted the michelada from ninfa’s on navigation which, in my opinion, was better than any of the anvil entries (went there right after the throwdown). not to take anything away from bobby and crew – they were all very tasty and creative to be sure – but why mess with a classic.

  2. Hi K — Thanks for the shout-out 🙂 I totally agree with Krisin — your photos are 100% ruling. And I am definitely heading to Ninfa’s next week for the softshell crab and a michelada if anyone would like to join 🙂 Summer’s here, fools!

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