Takeout. Er…Outtakes.

I’ve been hard at work on my very first cover story for the Houston Press. Admittedly, the story wasn’t my idea (although I wish that it were); it was handed down to us from the powers that be at Village Voice Media. And I’m pretty sure that one of the major reasons they’re allowing me to do it is because it’s very photo-centric and my photography comes at a rock-bottom price: Free!

On the other hand, it meant so much to me that when I offered to do the story — everything from hunting down the participants, scheduling their photo shoots, interviewing the subjects, shooting the portraits, editing the photos, writing the story and doing behind-the-scenes work on the web extras like audio recordings and slideshows to accompany the feature itself — Margaret actually agreed to let me do it. Me. A non-journalist. A lowly blogger. Who — prior to a year ago — had never had anything published in print, yet alone was allowed to work on an entire feature by herself.

So far, everything has gone so well that we’re discussing doing another feature after this. Hooray!

Below, enjoy the outtakes from the upcoming feature “Kitchen Ink.” I think you can probably guess what the story is about.

Taka Sekiyuchi, executive chef at Sushi Raku.
Chaunte Gooden, executive chef at Lucky Strike.
James Silk, chef and co-owner at Feast.
Chefs and line cooks at The Rockwood Room.
Jose Luis Vela, executive chef at Mockingbird Bistro.
Mindy Kucan, mixologist at Anvil.
Brandon Allen, sous chef at The Rockwood Room.

20 thoughts on “Takeout. Er…Outtakes.”

  1. Really looking forward to this piece. I love seeing the people behind the food. Ink speaks even when some of these shy chefs don’t.

  2. Awesome stuff KS! You’ve come a long way in just a short while. Who’d have thunk that someone stuck in a HR job for a concrete company would be doing this? Congrats to you! It just goes to show that sometimes you gotta jump into the deep end to make a big splash.

  3. Yea, I’ve seen James Silk on many occasions, but never like this! Wow. The “Hecho en Mexico” made me laugh. Good photos. Congratulations.

  4. Katherine, these are beautiful and your photography is amazing. I can’t wait to see it in print, what a fantastic idea!

  5. Charmed life lady. So proud of you. I know you had the time of your life snagging these photos. Looks like you can handle yourself in the kitchen as well as the table. Awesome!

  6. Congrats on the cover story! I can’t wait to read it–and I’ll have my mom send me a copy so I can read it as it was intended–in print!

  7. very cool – can’t wait to see it. if you’re not easily offended, you should pick up the Russian Criminal Tattoo books from fuel publishing – the iconography & internal language is remarkable

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