Two Things

Thing The First: My cover story hit newsstands yesterday! Go pick up a copy at your nearest head shop, record store, hippie commune or wherever they stock my lovely liberal rag. (Oh, and at Barnes & Noble, natch.) For those of you who aren’t local, here’s where you can check the feature out online:

Chef Tats

Make sure you click through to the slideshow, which is where the juice is at.

Thing The Second: I’m heading to Phoenix next week to meet my fellow web editors for the first time (or what will be the first time for the majority of them), as we have our yearly web conference. I am quite afraid they won’t like me. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: Most of the first paragraph of this post. Somewhere out there, some people will undoubtedly take that seriously. And that makes me sad, because it means one of two things: I’m not funny. At all. Or people are losing touch with their senses of humor. Oh well.

Wish me luck!


12 responses to “Two Things

  1. Pro Tip: Marry someone who looks Mexican to get away with saying “I hate Mexicans.”

  2. To your last point… it is the latter, except it is not a matter of people losing touch. People are never getting in touch with a sense of humor. In today’s increasingly connected, but increasingly sensitive society, I feel like the problem is getting worse. But if ever you are in a conversation and think that everyone is crazy and you are the only sane one, it is probably the other way around.

  3. You are a brave, brave girl, Katharine, and that is precisely why I love ya. Have fun!

  4. FWIW, Jose and I joke about him not being Mexican all the time. I swear that joke didn’t just come out of left field.

  5. humor is a funny thing. In my judgement, those kind of jokes are NEVER truly funny. It’s kinda like the jokes you tell to your lover when you are alone and know each other WELL. Explaining the hilarious joke to someone else, well it never works. The main tip here: be very very cautious when using kkk and negative comments about ethnicity in a WORK environment. Regardless of your perception of what those people might that in that context it is okay. Cause eventually someone won’t get it and will take offense.

  6. Great article, and great photos, too!

    I’ve been interested in chef tattoos ever since Saveur’s Texas issue. I had no idea they were so prevalent though.

  7. Good luck on your trip, sounds fun.

    does eric wear a dress?

  8. Well, you know how *I* feel about Mess-cans, LOL!!!

  9. You’re fabulous! Pints and fried crap after you rock the conference???

  10. I think it’s the misspelling of “descent” by a web editor that is the most disconcerting thing happening there.

  11. As a Mexica, I approve of this. 🙂

  12. Arizona? Take your “papers”, or you’ll get deported. ‘Specially if you’re hanging with Mexicans.

    (I would have to agree the tinderbox that is race, sex, and religion in the workplace should be handled lightly. Ahh, I remember the days of Jesus jokes flying over the cubicle walls . . .)

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