About the author

she eats. is written by a 30-something woman named Katharine from Houston, the city where restaurants outnumber humans 5:1.

Katharine writes about food and all of its possible corollaries and permutations because food and writing are the two things she loves most in life.

Katharine is also the food critic the Houston Press (as well as an occasional photographer) and used to write for Houstonist.  Please go have a look around at those sites, too!

Her joys include:

  • highly pungent blue cheese
  • Boddington’s served at 65 degrees with a thick, creamy head
  • red velvet cake
  • pad see ew
  • Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain
  • baking fresh scones on weekend mornings
  • grits…mmm…lovely, glorious grits
  • hamachi sashimi with oodles of wasabi
  • raw oysters
  • steak tartare
  • basically, anything raw or rare that won’t kill her
  • her mother’s lasagna
  • …and readers

And because it’s by far the most asked / e-mailed question (ranging from polite inquiries to overly creepy suggestions): No, that is not my mouth in the banner at the top of the page. Sorry.

38 thoughts on “About the author”

  1. I must say K, I think the older we get the more we seem to have in common when it comes to food. I must also add that even though I am too cheap to have cable, every time I go to my parent’s I thrive on episodes of Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain.

  2. You need to be writing for our Houston hometown Pravda, The Chronicle!!!! Your observations are gloriously written, hilarious, entertaining, and I’m a believer!!!!!

  3. So your joys include Alton Brown, food with the word “ew”! in it, but not your husband? I see. No lashings of ginger ale for you….

  4. Wow, great blog! I like your stance on non-chain restaurants. Particularly that said stance is based on taste and that you, in taking said stance, are in effect asserting that you have better taste than the people who eat at olive garden, and that their lives would be better if they followed your lead in matters of culinary taste.

    Long live elitism!

  5. Wow!!!! Great Blog!!! Here are the best parts, in my (the most important) order.

    1. You’re Hot
    2. You like oysters (Girl on Girl? Just Kidding!)
    3. Very Clever

    Now for criticisms, again in my order.

    1. You are married

    Wishing you much future success… and a divorce.

    Your loving stalker and blog reader,
    Peeping Tom

  6. Beeky, take a deep breath. Breathe deeply. Through your nose. In and out. There you go.

    Now…CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Your guinea pig comments littered throughout the site are hilarious yet unnecessary. I’ve never eaten guinea pig. I doubt any of my readers have either.

    You can kindly piss off back to your PETA meeting now. Thanks for visiting.

    P.S. Nice website. The cornea-damaging pink leopard skin background and the glitter graphics scattered haphazardly throughout really make it pop. Great job!

  7. hello there K~
    I came across your blog through Croque Camille – and strange how that works. I just relocated BACK to Houston from Los Angeles (2.5 years) and one of the things I was so happy to come back to was all the yummy yummy places I spent so many years eating at…
    Anyhow, will definitely be checking back…Most excellent!
    thanks for all the info on H-town!
    http://www.wheresmydamnanswer.com – blog

  8. Sorry K, but I hate to break it to you but one your readers HAS eaten guinea pig. It happens to be a traditional dish in Peru and since my dad is Peruvian. . . .

    In case you’re wondering, it was a little chewy and way too much work for not enough meat. 🙂

  9. Uh, Becky’s calling your site weird. Wow, has she actually ever seen her OWN site. I was scared to enter. Scared that my computer would get a virus. Like, I’d have guinea pig pop ups all day long. I’m going to have nightmares about guinea pigs now. Why, oh why did I go to that website?!

  10. Ok I landed on your blog via your Pizza vendor picture / article. Lo and behold I looked across and you most recent photos on Flickr are from Manchester. Thats where I live! Madness eh! Anyways just thought I would say nice blog, nice lips even if they aint yours 😉


    Jon x

  11. Dear K (whoever you are). I am writing an archaeological report about the prehistoric dietary use of frog legs. I came across your page on fried frog legs. Would you give me permission to reproduce the photo captioned “Froggie goes a grillin'” in my paper?
    It would be appreciated and I would credit you in the paper.

    Many thanks.

  12. I take exception to none of the above (especially the raw oysters), excepting one: Alton Brown, a poser of the worst sort. For years he had his adorable sister and nephew on his show and we watched those episodes with anticipation of cuteness. Too adorable they were, and we bought the story. Then come to find out, the sis and kid are ACTORS, as divulged in a Food Network story on their “Chefers” biographies, as my husband says. Duped, we were! Out with the charletan Alton and his fictional sister Marsha and fictional nephew Elton! We no longer watch Alton Brown. The science wasn’t that engaging, the family was. Now we know, the family never was. Sad, sad day on food network. The Alton wore no clothes.

    Do still lust after the Bourdain. Trust him to tell the truth!

  13. Even though I haven’t ready your blog YET, I wanted to comment about your, well About You. I know I’m going to love your blog; you know why? You speak of yourself in the third person. Only a very special kind of weirdo does that. My kind of weirdo. Yay!

  14. “Excoriating restaurants that don’t live up to [my] exacting expectations”



    “someone — like myself or like a celebrity”

    Wow, shockingly self-absorbed. Yet another twenty-something that thinks the world is interested in your daily blathering. Someone who thinks hitting ‘send’ somehow gives your writing the gravitas of actual journalism. Also, from what I can gather by briefly perusing the site, no formal culinary training at all. Yet you take pride in your snarky judgment of others.

  15. I love how people will get on a site and continue to read and read and read even though they make comments about how much they dislike the person(which they don’t even know). If you dislike the site so much, why come back and read more just to leave more inane useless comments? Well, come back if you want. You’re just giving her pages hits and making it pop up more in goggle. *chuckles* I love morons. Bookmarking just to come back and read the lovely blogs and comments. Peace.

  16. I love watching people leave their comments on your “Stuff.” I wish one day I could leave something more tangible than words on your “stuff” but that would be crossing the rules in the field guide to peeping. I just can’t do that.

    It is better to have negative publicity than no publicity…. and in art, usually better to have negative publicity than positive. You are the poisoned apple of my eye, I want to eat you, but I can’t even touch you.

  17. K!

    Its been way too long.

    I hope you and Richard are well!

    I have been following your exploits and am so happy for your success within the journalist field!

    Please dont tell me they are still making you pay for your meals when you are reviewing! lol

    thank you for the mention the Houston Press…didnt know it was there! That meant a lot.

    Blog is coming back again and website is back in construction although there is never enough hours in the day!

    Am now writing for ONE Magazine as well…what can I say..you got me inspired and i went for it! lol

    Hopefully hear from you soon…Holmes Chapel aint changed much! Neither has most of Cheshire though…will always be stuck in a colonial time warp!

    Kindest regards

    Grumpy Chef x

  18. Hey K! If you LOVE red velvet, you have to try some of my cupcakes! I also make red velvet cheesecake ones. If you’d like to try some, just let me know and I’ll bake up a fresh batch for you!

  19. I saw your article in the Houston Press about Spicy Food Day. Can you shoot me an email with a list of the top spiciest dishes in Houston in addition tot he ones you posted? We are casting cities for a new Hot/Spicy show on Food Network. I would love to get your opinion/recommendations.


  20. Dear K:

    Elitism is just fine with me. So are oysters, raw meat and Anthony B. As for my tastes in food, “I’ll eat anything that moves slow enough for me to stab it with a fork.”

    I am curious as to why there is a comment dated June 2010 and then nothing until this month. Surely you haven’t said *anything* that didn’t piss off at least one person!

    Keep up the good work!


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