About she eats.

she eats. is a blog devoted to all things food.  We cover:

  • food-related news
  • food history
  • product reviews
  • restaurant reviews
  • long, occasionally incoherent ramblings about a particular item of food
  • food personalities
  • food TV shows
  • food magazines
  • food books
  • food radio programs
  • and anything else that our little hearts desire

If you like your food served with side dishes of humor and sarcasm, you’ll probably find something to like on she eats.

7 thoughts on “About she eats.”

  1. Hmm. I’d never given it much thought, to tell the truth. There are so many diners, drive-ins and dives close to my heart (and my house) that I eat at with such frequency, that I don’t feel compelled to watch a show about someone else doing the same thing. 😀

    Now, Andrew Zimmern…you can’t tear me away from his show. 🙂

  2. I just discovered your blog from a link @ http://imneverfull.blogspot.com/

    Wow, awesome site! Always a pleasure to discover a kindred spirit, especially in the wonderful world of gastronomy. Like just about any subject, the more I dealve into it and research and learn, the more I discover the true domain of my ignorance. Looking forward to future trivia contests etc. CHEERS

  3. Dear Fellow Writer – I stumbled on your website and really enjoyed the read. Keep up the great gastronomical work. I love food and learning as much as I can about it. If oyu are curious about my work, feel free to visit my website (I wrote and published a cookbook also available as an eBook) at http://www.angelatunner.com
    All the best!
    aka The Renaissance Gourmet.

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