El lunes de las hamburguesas!

I’m still here, chicharrones!  It’s just been a busy day ’round la oficina.

There isn’t much of a Weekend In Food to report, unfortunately, because most of the weekend was spent with a mitre saw and a blasted tape measure.  However, I did manage to find time to go and try out The Lake House at Disco Green and I LOVED IT.  LOVED.  IT.  In fact, I did a whole Houstonist* write-up (along with slideshow) on it here:

Houstonist Bites: The Lake House

In fact, in fact, it appears to be Hamburger Monday over at Houstonist.  Witness:

Little Big Changes at Ming’s

…in which I discuss in my typical ridiculous, over-the-top style how a late-night slider joint (Bryan Caswell’s Little Big’s) will be taking over the old Ming’s restaurant in Montrose.

And then there’s Groove’s awesome photo of the day, which is a retro-ed up shot of the classic Lucky Burger on Richmond:

Lucky Burger

There are worse ways to start your week than with burgers, people!

See you all back here tomorrow for a long overdue round of Tuesday Trivia…

*P.S.  Did you see?  Houstonist won the 2008 Houston Press Reader’s Choice award for Best Local Blog!  Shibby!!!

Link Sandwich

Two links for you this afternoon, with a little bit of blathering in between, for a delicious link sandwich…

Top Nine Underrated Sandwiches

Let me tell you how glad I am that (a) banh mi is on that list and (b) the heinous monstrosity of a “sandwich,” the Monte Cristo, is not.

And for the other slice of bread, news about the new Montrose Farmer’s Market that’s having its grand opening this Saturday at La Strada:

Montrose Farmer’s Market: It Begins



It’s been a busy week, folks.  And not just for me:

Restaurant News Recap

I may or may not try to make this a semi-regular feature on Houstonist.  The pro is that I think it’s nice to have all the news aggregated in one area, so that you don’t have to skip around to a bunch of different news articles and food blogs to catch up on all the news that’s flying around.  Plus, I really enjoy linking people to food blogs that deserve attention and could possibly gain new readers as a result.

The con is that I really don’t enjoy regurgitating someone else’s news.  That’s why I tried to keep each item short and sweet and just link back to the original article.

Y’all tell me what you think.  Should I try to make this a regular feature for Houstonist?  Or just let the news filter out into the world in its natural progression?

Fung’s Kitchen

As promised, a (kinda-sorta) review of our dim sum brunch at Fung’s Kitchen last Sunday:

Houstonist Bites: Fung’s Kitchen

Pictures abound, thanks to Olivia, one of the newest Chowhound recruits.

I’m telling you, if you haven’t joined Houston Chowhounds (and you live in Houston…), you really should check it out.  We have all kinds of fun, random adventures and we make excellent dining companions.  It’s particularly good if you’re a food person and your friends and/or significant other aren’t.  There’s always at least one or two Chowhounds who are up for brunch, lunch, dinner, a crosstown trip to a taqueria or an afternoon picking out fish in Kemah.

Meanwhile, Jenny at I’m Never Full posted a great photo essay of our brunch, complete with the correct Cantonese names for the dishes (I’m so hopelessly white sometimes…).  Go check it out!

Monday, Monday

…can’t trust that day:

Pink Chairs and Flatscreens: How the City Spends Your Money

Moving along to happier topics, I’ll be crusing down to the Red Lion Pub tonight for $5 plates of mini-cheeseburgers with my Houstonist cronies.  It’s been a bizzy day around here (hey, has Hugo Chavez forcibly taken control of any of your operations in Venezuela lately?) and I need to get out for a little bit.

Nothing food-related to report from this weekend, except for one delicious coconut cake with homemade coconut ice cream, courtesy of my mother, and a blindingly delicious dim sum brunch at Fung’s Kitchen (which I shall write about later this week) on Sunday.  The rest of the weekend was spent in full bathroom-remodel mode and/or sick in bed.  Huzzah.

See you all tomorrow for Tuesday Trivia!

Washington Avenue: A Long Day’s Journey Into Tacos

AIEEEEE!  It’s finally posted!  Go to Houstonist and check out my latest Urbanist article (with lots of photos), which took far too long to write than it should have.  Topics covered include:

  • the new Benjy’s (not to replace or be confused with the old Benjy’s)
  • El Rey Taqueria
  • The Daily Grind
  • Max’s Wine Dive
  • Pearl Bar
  • Guadalajara Bakery
  • …and more

And here’s a link for your browsing pleasure:  Urbanist: Washington Avenue.

/self-promoting off

Sushi: Not For You

You’ll notice that I’ve removed the Houstonist link below to the “almost all-night sushi” place.  I’ve also removed mention of its name.  If you go to Houstonist, the article is still there because I will not (and also cannot) take it down.  But, seriously, don’t even bother reading it.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about this.