To Cuy Or Not to Cuy

Recently, the comments section on one of Alison Cook’s latest blogs spun away from the topic directly at hand (a week’s worth of gourmet meals cooked by Peru’s finest chefs at Cafe Artiste)  and into the philosophical question of whether or not to eat cuy.


Cuy, for the uninitiated, is guinea pig.  It’s a traditional food in Peru and Ecuador.  If you have the Travel Channel, I’m sure you’ve seen Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain scarfing it down at one point or another.

Looks tasty, actually.

So, let’s hear it: would you eat cuy?  Could you put your warm-fuzzies for guinea pigs away to try a bite of what is supposed to be quite delicious, sweet, luscious meat?  Or would you burst into tears / wretch at the thought of eating something that either reminds you of (a) the family pet or (b) a rat?

Dog Burglars

Our dogs are becoming criminal masterminds when it comes to food.

Court Docket # 101D 

Defendant:  Daisy


Crime:  Sneaking the poached eggs off of her male human’s plate when the humans weren’t looking, and then messily devouring them on the female human’s nice kitchen rug

Sentence:  Fifteen minutes in her room, loud voices yelling at her and no pig’s ear treat that morning before the humans left for the day


Court Docket # 101S

Defendent:  Sammy


Crime:  Eating an entire bowl of dark chocolate-covered cranberries that a female human unwittingly left out on the coffee table while the humans were away for the evening

Sentence:  A very bad stomach and three, elaborate wretching sessions which produced three, gigantic piles of sick


And Mayor White says that our city’s crime rate is down…