Where Does a 300 Pound Gummy Bear Sit?

My friend Elaine is a fantastic photographer who occasionally works with miniatures, producing detailed and intriguing work that I could never come close to replicating.  In a lot of her miniature photographs, she incorporates foods or beverages that give the picture a whimsical sense of scale.

I particularly love this latest set:



Check out more of Elaine’s miniature photography here at Flickr.


4 thoughts on “Where Does a 300 Pound Gummy Bear Sit?”

  1. There was a photog that had a cover on My Table in the past months, that used miniatures. Is this the same person? Really cute.

  2. Hi, I’m an Illustration student currently doing similar to yourself and experimenting with miniatures and photography. Love the images by the way but could you tell me what lens you use to take these photos and at what settings? I find it quite frustrating to get the focus right without punching the miniatures in the face with my lens.


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