A Few Pet Peeves…

I recently remarked to Plinio that the following blog post’s comment section was by far the most entertaining thing I’ve read all year.  To quote myself: “People are weird, weird, weird.”

God knows I have pet peeves (such as people who assume that since my first name can be shortened into any number of nicknames, they are free to call me one of those nicknames at their leisure — YOU CALL ME BY THE NAME THAT I INTRODUCE MYSELF AS OR YOU WILL GET STABBED IN THE TEMPLE WITH A LETTER OPENER!), but I like to think that my pet peeves are mild compared to some of litany of complaints here:

Why don’t you entertain me by telling me your pet service peeves?

Oh, Alison.  You opened a can of worms with that simple query, didn’t you?

Equally entertaining, however, is the follow-up question:

Calling all waitstaff!

Go on.  You know you want to impart some of your own pet peeves below…  🙂



14 thoughts on “A Few Pet Peeves…”

  1. Hoo-boy…don’t get me started on my pet peeves…(too late).

    1. People who write on their skin. This is seriously my #1 all time pet peeve.

    2. People who trash their cars…you know, “Oh let me move these stacks of paper, mail, trash, books, etc. so you can cram in the backseat next to the unused baby seat covered in dog fur.”

    3. People who don’t make their bed every morning because they’re “just going to sleep in it again tonight.”

    There are many more, but this is your blog, not mine.

  2. Ha! I’m very guilty of #3. I hate making the bed, though I can’t explain why. 🙂

    A restaurant-related peeve: when an otherwise attentive waiter suddenly forgets your table exists when you want the check. Arrrrghhhhhhhhh!

  3. @ mrcanacorn: Is that Dr Zaius? Sweet icon! And although this is my blog, I still think that you’d make a hilarious guest columnist.

    @ MF: I’m totally guilty of that, too! Luckily my sweet hubby is fastidious about making the bed each morning, though. We balance each other out that way. 🙂

  4. Restaurant-related:

    LEAVE YOUR STUPID, SCREAMING SNOT-GOBBLERS AT HOME. Please!!! I hate paying $30 or $50 or $100 for a meal that is ruined by someone’s grubby little monsters!! In fact, leave them at home at all times….is there no such thing as discipline anymore, for the love of GOD???!!!

    Also, I hate hovering waiters. “Oooh, oooh, she took a sip of tea. REFILL!!!!!” Dang, it ruins the ratio of tea to sugar.

    I also hate it when I order a bottle of wine and the waiter keeps refilling my wine glass. It ruins the taste, as the wine in the glass has had time to aerate whereas the wine in the bottle hasn’t.

    Wine served at the wrong temp….which is endemic for some reason. Cabernet at 80 degrees is gross. Invest in a wine cooler.

    People who insist on carrying on full, loud conversations on their cell phones while sitting in a restaurant. Really? You can’t just turn the damned thing off????? Or at least take it OUTSIDE???!! Assholes.

  5. Oh K, not quite nerdy enough my dear…it’s Caesar (not Cornelius as some lesser nerds would have you believe)…everyone knows Dr. Zaius was an orangutan Minister of Science in charge of advancing ape knowledge and Chief Defender of the Faith.

    Guess you don’t learn that watching French films and listening to weird music…(oh that’s right…I found your bio )! The Wife and I totally checked out your picture and everything! 😉

    You are way too generous even to suggest letting my foul mouth (or fingers as the case may be) even near your blog. I am flattered.

  6. Oh, how about being one of two tables seated in a restaurant and having to get up and refill your own tea because you can’t find an employee outside the kitchen?

    Kids are only cute in restaurants if they are sitting quietly at the table with the people who brought them.

    Loud women. There’s really nothing more annoying than high pitched cackling. Some people should stick to one drink at happy hour.

    Restaurants being “out of” something that is on the regular menu. Grocery stores are open all night. If you don’t have any more avocados go buy some. Out of guacamole? Impossible.

    Maybe I should shut up now…

  7. Speaking in French and getting responses in English. Or when I ask someone to repeat themselves, and instead of repeating, they bust out some heavily accented, broken English. Just because I don’t have a perfect French accent doesn’t mean I don’t understand! And I’m never going to get any better if nobody will let me practice!

  8. I do dislike overly attentive waitstaff, I must admit. I mean in the sense that they try to chat with you. I want my water refilled a lot and I want my food brought out promptly, and yes, please check on me if I’m waving at you. But otherwise, I’m whatever. Let me eat.

    K, as far as your name thing, you do have one of those names that people try to shorten in like 5 different ways (though honestly, you have my favorite name in the world). I can appreciate that. I NEVER call someone by a name they don’t use. I work with a guy who does contract work with us named Michael and he goes by that but my boss insists on calling him Mike. I’ve broken him of that habit. Richard does not = Rich either. Call people by how they introduce themselves to you dammit. I also have a name that people “do” things with. I don’t mind Meli so much, but I gave up tolerating “Mel” a long time ago. And “Missy”… are you kidding? Grr.

  9. again, my number one pet peeve is ordering food to go at upscale/fine dining restaurants.

    you wouldnt go to the french laundry and order to go, would you?

    im not saying we are the french laundry (nor will we ever be!) but we try; we try hard.

    chef and i put alot of work and effort into the preparation and presentation of our food. we play with textures and temperatures. food is presented the way it is because it helps interaction with all the textures, flavors and temperatures.

    when you get it to go, all this goes out the window. its a bit insulting to our craft. i understand if you eat at the restaurant, cant finish and want to take it home. thats fine! do that. the problem is when you just order it to go. giving no respect to all the hard work we put forth. so by the time you get home, all you get is sweet potato mush! (people order picarones to go (sweet potatoes beignets, aji amarillo honey, brown butter ice cream))

    my other pet peeve (and this is mainly because im a pastry chef) is when floor managers send out free desserts. i’m sure we all like receiving free desserts, but not making them. it affects my labor and food costs. and! it just seems like a sorry excuse for managers to get out of a mess.

    “oh, i’m sorry you did not like your _____ at the restaurant. let me take care of it”, send them a free dessert!! send them the same free dessert!!

  10. I left a long comment here yesterday… hrmmm. I’ve been having a problem leaving comments for you WordPress folks. Ah well. I was just saying I relate to the nickname thing and I have a “thing” about calling people by the name they introduce themselves with. My boss shortens names and I find it annoying. But you K are right – you have a name that invites it big time, though it’s also my favorite female name in the world!

  11. Jo, this from a woman whose darling little rug rat once projectile vomited on a whole plane full of unsuspecting passengers?

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